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Carolina Water Features is an innovator of waterplay technologies. We manufacture new water features weekly and strive to keep things simple. The majority of our components only require proper placement of the correct sized pipe at your desired location. Installation of the feature is done after the pools interior finish has been applied. All of our rotating features are designed to fit on the same universal stainless steel base and are easily interchangeable.

Our water features are hand painted so that no two products are exactly alike. You can choose the color to match your surrounding setting. For example, we can paint our rain-brellas one solid color, or the top can be one color while the trunk is another color. We can also paint the rain-brella with a green leafy pattern or a thatched top to give it that tropical look. We are only limited by your imagination.

We also manufacture a full line of main drain sumps. They start at 9" x 9" with a 3" side suction. The next size is the 12" x 12" in 4" or 6" side suctions, and the 18" x 18" comes with either a 6" or 8" side suction. All of these drains have a 2" threaded opening in the bottom for installation of a hydro-static relief valve if needed. Each drain comes with threaded plugs included to cap off the side port and bottom port for pressure testing purposes. And for those large applications, we carry a 2' x 4' drain sump. This drain comes with a removable fiberglass grate and has 6" suction ports that will give you over 1000 gallon per minute without exceeding 1 1/2 cubic feet per second velocity thru the drain grate openings.

We are always open to ideas! If you have a piece you would like manufactured, give us a call. We can manufacture odd sized drain sumps economically to fit those special situations such as zero entry pools. We make those hard jobs easy. Give us a call today!